The Program

The core of antibiotic stewardship is to identify the optimal link across antibiotic choice, dose, route and duration of therapy for each patient. To be effective, impactful and sustainable, multiple critical decisions at the patient level need to ripple across all prescribers and become engrained as part of the culture.

The core of the ARS program is education and training that supports cumulative optimal therapies and a cultural shift. Our program works with physicians, pharmacists, nursing, leadership, infection control, and microbiology staff. Each role contributes to the success of an effective stewardship program.

The ARS program provides services, education and resources based on the needs of each client and its stakeholders.

  • Onsite training for clinical pharmacists
  • Physician-to-physician interaction through grand rounds or individually
  • Annual and quarterly program reports that measure program efficacy for leadership
  • Online resources, protocol references, webinars and other education 24/7

The ARS program has been developed and is led by infectious disease physicians and clinical pharmacists who understand first hand care delivery and the changing healthcare landscape. Our program optimizes antibiotic use, improves patient outcomes and reduces antibiotic resistance and cost.

Contact the ARS team to learn more about our program, program savings realized, and to conduct a free comprehensive assessment for your organization.