An acute care hospital with 127 staffed beds was planning for The Joint Commission review.  This was the first-time antimicrobial stewardship standards were required and would be reviewed. Given its newness, the regulatory compliance and accreditation team leaned heavily on the AMS program and experts to compile and anticipate The Joint Commission review needs.

“Overall, they were extremely impressed with the robustness of our antimicrobial stewardship program especially regarding education of our providers, nursing staff as well as patients.” Regulatory Compliance /Accreditation staff

ARS generated an executive summary and attachments with detailed reports regarding:

  • Educational lectures
  • Participant tracking for education lectures
  • Program results
  • Organization-approved multidisciplinary protocols implemented
  • New programs developed and implemented based upon stewardship program analysis and organization needs

This hospital has recently received a 5-star rating from CMS Hospital Compare, an A from Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, and is part of Best Hospitals by U.S. News.

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